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Hello, I am Coach Ashley Carter.

I know how much time, money, and energy you put into Her athletic future and life goals. It is extremely discouraging when you do not see the results that should come from hard work, dedication and commitment. It is even more frustrating when you feel stuck and do not have the knowledge or guidance to help Her reach her greatest potential.

Over the last 16 years, I have coached many female student-athletes who were physically talented but fell short of their goals because of their mindset. For others, even with a strong mindset, they continued to struggle with competing and performing at the elite level. As a certified behavioral specialist, I recognize that every athlete has hidden potential within them, that if unlocked and affirmed, it grows into confidence and self-worth. I see hidden potential & I know how to help her unlock it, define it, and own it. With the right mindset, physical preparation, and potential realized, she can be a CHAMPION!

Let us unlock HER hidden potential today!

When She is Destined for More

In competition

By training her mind, body, and craft, she will elevate Her self awareness and resilience using proven routines and habits influential to competing with confidence on the field, court, or track.

Out of competition

Affirming and enhancing Her self talk and self image so that she has the courage to be Her most authentic self, owning all of Her strengths in all environments.

Into Her future

Empowering Her to own Her power by shutting down limiting beliefs and unlocking the purpose within Her so that she can stand tall and firm in a world filled with roadblocks and barriers.


Well worth the Investment! Thanks for a phenomenal program! The way that you engaged with the team and ran this program and with our athletes was second to none. We WILL do this again!
“Working with Leadhership Athletics is Valuable. Athletes will receive honest and constructive feedback that will help them grow in and outside of sport”
Thank you so much for coming out on Friday to the College Prep Camp! It was so great to meet you and talk to you! Your tips for helping me mentally prepare when I’m on deck and in the box really helped me. I can’t wait to use them when I play! Thank you again!
“I am so glad that you can take your experience and pass that knowledge on to others. My daughter’s confidence has grown so much because of your guidance. You are an amazing leader and mentor to all women young and old.”

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develop into a more confident & authentic HER

At LeaderHership Athletics we know that you want to be a top competitor who shows up & stands out in college ...

Our goals for you are similar. However, in order to be the best, it will requires more of you than simply going to skill based lessons and working out. You are more than capable and qualified for every opportunity that presents itself, and as a high achiever, I know how frustrating it can feel to do the work and still overlooked or unsupported. Here is the secret! In order to become equipped to tackle all of the barriers that come from being a high achiever in this world, it starts with your identity, your purpose, & your mindset? 

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We believe your future is too important to let a lack of confidence slow you down. We understand that becoming a collegiate athlete is your current goal, we just hope that it isn’t your only goal which is why we will use your recruiting processes to help you confidently own your place in college athletics and power in the world.

Here is how we do it:

  1. Book a call
  2. Complete Her Personal Development & Confidence training
  3. Compete at the collegiate level and in Her future knowing who you are, owning your uniqueness, self worth, and value to this world

So, book a call with our team today! to discuss the best plan for your daughter. And in the meantime, take a look at our Champion Athlete Guide. Now is the time to stop worrying about the barriers she will face and instead give her permission to use her athletic skill sets to powerfully drive her career goals and ambitions successfully.

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The 3 Things That Make Athletes Champions.
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Get the Champion HER Guide

The 3 Things That Make Athletes Champions.