Meet Coach Ashley Carter

Coach Ashley Carter is the owner & founder of LeadHership Athletics. She is a DISC Strengths Specialist, a Confidence Coach, Empowerment Speaker, & Mentor. She is also a former assistant coach at the University of Washington in Seattle, Wa. With over 17 years of coaching experience, 7 at the collegiate level, she has seen the detrimental impact that a lack of identity & self-worth. has had on the confidence & performance success of female athletes. Her mission, through LeadHership Athletics, is to affirm & unlock the hidden potential in female athletes, so that they not only overcome the mental and emotional barriers that get in the way of their personal and performance development, but to empower them to OWN THEIR POWER in this world

Being a resource for young female athletes is Coach Carter’s top Value. Her goals and inspirations in life often center around ensuring that those she works with become knowledgeable and equipped with whatever they need to be successful through that stage of their life. 

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Coach Ashley Carter has a ton of life experience that allows her to fall completely in line with being a resource.  Aside from being a Division 1 Athlete, Coach Carter spent 5 years teaching and coaching at the middle and high school level. She has been a fastpitch tournament director, started her own travel ball organizations, and has worked with Division 1 athletes who have been made aware of their learning differences. Coach Carter has worked as an Associate Director of Admissions and spent a total of 5 years within enrollment management at the college level. Coach Carter has traveled to the Dominican Republic, Cancun Mexico, and Cape Town, South Africa to hold sport clinics for their local youth. 

Coach Carter is a DISC Behavioral Consultant, An OnBaseU certified Hitting Instructor, as well as a Mental Performance Mastery Coach.

She believes that in order for our female athletes to truly compete with confidence, play with resilience, and lead with power, they must recognize and own their uniqueness, life in their strengths and not worry about always fitting in, and most importantly, the must know just have valuable and important they are to not only this sport but this world. Only then can they truly become successful athletes and compete like CHAMPIONS!

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Meet our team

Coach Emily “EM” Schaefer

Coach Emily Schaefer is our Director of Youth Programming. She has over 15 years of experience in coaching, teaching, and mentoring student-athletes. She is driven and dedicated to helping young female athletes learn how to build and maintain confidence to unlock their potential, overcome adversity, and take advantage of opportunities in any situation.

Coach Emily is currently the Head Women’s Basketball Coach at College of Marin, a junior college in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her 15 years of coaching experience includes high school and club, junior college and NCAA Division II levels. Coach Emily recognized her passion for coaching as a child, growing up as the daughter of a prominent and successful basketball and high school golf coach. First-hand witnessing the impact a coach and mentor can have on their student-athletes, sparked her desire to lead young athletes and help them to reach their full potential on the court and in the game of life.

Dr. Stephanie Haft

Dr. Stephanie Haft is our Director of Mentorship Academy. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Emory University’s Veterans Healthcare Program. She specializes in providing evidence-based treatments to individuals with anxiety-spectrum disorders (e.g. post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety, specific phobia). 

Dr. Haft is invested in empowering individuals to overcome fears and cultivate their own innate bravery. She is committed to clinical research that focuses on improving mental health treatments using strength-based and values-based approaches that consider diversity, cultural, and individual factors. As a former college athlete herself, she understands the importance of prioritizing psychological well-being in the context of athletics.

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