Team Programs

Our Coaching Programs are based on our 5 Rings of a Champion Framework. Purpose, Mindset, Brand, Character, and Performance

Champion Mindset Program

The mind is just as important if not more important to train as the body. The Champion Mindset Program is a Five session training that focuses on Self Awareness (Covers Baseline Measurements of Mindset, 4 Levels of Competence, Development of habits, thoughts, routines); Self Talk/Mindfulness (Quieting the Inner Critic, Thinking above the line, Success Reels, 4 minute mindfulness workout); Self Image (Identity drives behavior, Truth Triangle, Validation and Self Worth, 5 ways to improve Self Efficacy), Courage and Confidence (Know Fear, Signal Lights, E+R=O, Reset Plan, Play versus Pressure); and Process Focused (Frame your Focus, Root not the Fruit, Control what you can Control)

DISC Personality Champion Course

DISC is a Personality and Behavioral Assessment Tool that develops effective communication skills, stress management strategies, assists teams in navigating relationships, and works to develop leaders based on their unique strengths and people skills. This training comes with a 1 hour Pre-Assessment Consultation Session to learn about specific challenges and goals, a 1 hour Coaches Introduction into DISC Interpretation Session, and a 1 hour Team DISC Results Session with a Playbook for the future. This program also provides your team with 15 player online assessment and 3 free complimentary assessments for your coaching staff.

Team Performance Assessment

A one or two part assessment of your program or organization. Hire Coach Carter to come out to a practice or tournament where she can review your team’s personalities, communication and mindsets. Create a team dynamic guaranteed for better success through real time assessment, teachings and applications.

Coaching Reviews

Become a better coach to your team or organization by learning how to best understand your players and coaches personalities, communicate your expectations and speak to their needs and the things that best motivate them. Learn to use your actions and your words to impact the power that is within HER.

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