HER Confidence Bootcamp

5- Week virtual course guaranteed to unlock her confidence and elevate her performance

5.17.2022 - 6.14.2022

Bootcamp Sessions meet virtually at 6:00 PM PST 
Camp Begins May 17th, 2022
(All registrants will have access to the recorded sessions)

Week 1

Champion Athlete

What makes an athlete a champion & what gets in the way? She will begin to create personal processes and systems based on HER personality and innate behaviors, to help her reach her greatest potential.

Week 2

Confidence & Self-Talk

Develop greater confidence by creating above the line thinking and daily habits that reframe her negative self talk to productive self-talk.

Week 3

Values & Motivators

Identify HER core values, HER Why, HER motivations so that she can own HER power in the world.

Week 4

Fears, Failures, Focus

Redefine HER definition of failure and success, create a response and reset routine, and learn how to shift HER focus.

Week 5

Remaining Resilient

Reframe HER focus from outcomes to process and preparation, developing HER response meter, while learning how to control the things that she can control.

Who is this for?

Hi, I am Coach Ashley Carter, owner of LeadHership Athletics.

I’m an assistant coach at the University of Washington, a confidence coach, and a motivational speaker. I see and develop hidden potential in female athletes, helping them overcome barriers and roadblocks, so that they might own their power in the world. I am hired by families of middle and high school athletes who understand that there is more to life than just being an athlete but find that being an athlete creates opportunities for growth and development.

In my 16 years of coaching female athletes, I have found that their #1 goal is to be successful. I also know that their fear of failure, lack of confidence, and the comparison to others on her team, often are the main culprits holding them back from reaching their greatest goal. As a Confidence Coach I know that those pressures can either make or break an Elite Athlete and that is why I have created this course.

Over 5 weeks, the HER Confidence Bootcamp will develop her-esteem, her self-worth, and her self-talk. We will redefine her greatest fears and create plans with proven tools to assist her through those hard times in and out of competition.

I cannot wait to share this journey with HER.

Registration Includes

Registration Opens: May 1, 2022

Cost: $395 

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